Common H-1B Visa Questions About Your Sponsoring Company

H1B visa

The H1B visa program is the primary method for employers to recruit and hire International professionals and International students to work in the USA. The H1B visa enables US employers to hire foreign professionals for a specified period of time.

The H1B program allows workers in specialty occupations to work in the US for up to a total of six years. Applying for the H1B visa is most popular among the working employees because of its dual intent nature which permits the international worker to have the permanent residence in the United States of America by applying for Green Card.

Only specialized occupations and skills are required and not everyone can walk though from any field and apply for H1B visa (H1B Visa Requirements – Documents, Fees and more). To know more details on h1b sponsorship requirements check Orphosys Corp.

The categories in which the job application can be filed are: IT, Computing, Finance, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Sales, Recruiting, Engineering, Teaching, HealthCare/Medical, Legal, Lawyers, Networking, Telecoms, Business, Management and Scientific Research.

Though appearing for H1B is not a nerve cracking experience, lot of people worry about getting the H1B visa and want to appear there is fully prepared. One should be prepared to answer a number of fairly basic questions irrespective of whether interview is to Consulate for a new H1B visa or for an H1B renewal or extension.

Represent yourself as confident, professional and knowledgeable employee. The pre-preparation for the interview brushes your awareness for giving answers to certain questions mentioned which can sail you through the interview giving best results.

It is not scary but the important points to remember before attending Visa interview is to collect all required documents before it, go in formals, don’t talk much there before your interview, and be prepare for basic questions so that you can answer readily.

Before the interview is check the Consulate website to ensure you are have the correct non-immigrant visa application fee checks and have written your passport number and name behind document, and determine where the fees are to be paid.

Common H-1B visa  Questions about your Sponsoring Company

1. What is the company you are going to work for in USA?

2. Where are you going to work in US?

3. Why are you joining [New Company]?

4. How do you know this is a real company?

5. When did you receive your offer letter?

6. What will you be working on there? Is it an internal project?

7. I need a client letter describing your work project.

8. Tell me what do you know about [New Company]?

9. When was the US Company founded?

10. Tell me about the project and the company (client) you will be working for?

11. How did you find out about this company?

12. How did you contact the [New Company]?

13. What is the current project you will be working on?

14. What are your responsibilities and for which client are you going to work for?

15. Do you have any proof from your new employer regarding your responsibilities?

16. Do you have any company photographs?

17.How long has the company been in the current location?

18. How many rounds of interviews has the USA Company conducted?

19. What is the name of your interviewer?

20. Can you give me the dates of your interview?

21. Who are the clients for your U.S. Company?

22. What are the technologies you are working on?

23. Who is the President/CEO of the U.S. Company?

24. What kind of projects is the U.S. Company working on?

25. What is the annual turnover of the company?

26. How many employees does the U.S. Company have?

27. What’s your designation in [Previous Company] and what’s your designation in the [New Company]?

28. Will you be working from [New Company] office or client’s place?

29. Can I see the Employee petition to USCIS and the Tax Returns of the Company?

30. What is the salary you will get in USA?

31. How many rounds of interviews did the U.S. company conduct?

32. What are they? 4 rounds (2 technical, 1 HR, 1 manager interview)

33. Can I see your client end letter and itinerary of services?

Spontaneous and prompt replies to the interviewer create a positive image of person and his chances of getting the visa increases or remain healthy.For more information on H1B Visa visit Ieso2013

The invigilator may also question about your previous visit to the states. If you are married, questions can be raised about your family inclusive the age of children and time span of your marriage.

At the time of the H1B Visa interview, there would be a file of documents which you have to submit. The visa officer will take the document, verify them and return back to you once the investigation is over.

The document should contain all the legal information about you which makes you authoritative enough to take up the legal work permission in the United States of America. The dress code while appearing for the interview must make you look like a professional working corporate employee. Establish a crystal clear link between the prior job experiences and future ventures.