Mercedes Benz GLC Class Review & Test Drive

Mercedes Benz Glc Test Drive in Hyderabad

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Overview

The recently launched Mercedes-Benz GLC is now locally manufactured. This has effected in the SUV now becoming more affordable. The revised prices of the GLC range are INR 52.6 lakhs (on-road, Pune) for the GLC220d 4MATIC and INR 56.65 lakhs (on-road, Pune) for the GLC220d 4MATIC Sport. The petrol GLC300 Sport (petrol) is priced at INR 57.09 lakhs (on-road, Pune). The reduction in the pricing is a result of the local assembly of this new crossover. Both the petrol and diesel engines will be locally assembled at the company’s Chakan facility, at Pune . Read our detailed review on the new Mercedes-Benz GLC: View offers on Mercedes Benz GLC Class in Bangalore at Autozhop.

Waking up early in the morning in the first monsoon week. Now that is a difficult thing. Especially when you staying on a hill station. Waking up early morning in Coorg, we moved out to our hotel’s lobby to drive the new Mercedes-Benz GLC. Mercedes-Benz was stuck as it did have the GLK, which was its best selling SUV but unfortunately there wasn’t a right hand drive version available in India. The new-generation of the GLK (renamed as GLC) is now available in right hand drive and MB has taken too long to get it here. We drive it from Coorg to Mangalore to understand how does this SUV perform.

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Exteriors

As far as looks are concerned the GLC looks more like a crossover than SUV. That’s not to say it isn’t imposing enough. When viewed from the front the large signature grille looks striking and the beautiful full LED headlamps lends it sophistication. The hefty bumper with air intakes on both sides and a large chrome scuff plate in the centre complete the impressive front look. At the rear, the pronounced shoulder line, twin tail pipes, faux chrome diffuser and the elongated tail lamps look really attractive. Thanks to the wide track the GLC looks hunkered down and sporty from the rear. When viewed in profile the large 18- inch rims dominate proceedings and the prominent creases running along the front fender and doors lends it a nice stance. Though it doesn’t have the squared-off dimension you expect of an SUV it’s the same for the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 too.

The GLC is based on the C-Class chassis but Mercedes has heavily reworked it and it is much longer and wider than its sedan cousin. In fact, the GLC has best in class 4759mm length and 2873mm wheelbase. On the contrary, it does weigh slightly more than its rivals. In pursuit of fuel efficiency and lower wind noise Mercedes has added a radiator shutter, sealed the headlamp surrounds, the roof spoiler aids airflow as does the underbody panelling. As a result, it has a class-leading 0.31 drag coefficient.

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Interiors

Mercedes has always been known to provide extremely luxurious interiors with splendid quality materials in their vehicles. The interior layout of the GLC is again very similar to that of the C-Class, but we’re not complaining at all! The steering wheel continues to come with the same sporty design with a neat stack of buttons flanked on both the sides of the wheel. Just behind the wheel you have the trademark Mercedes gear selector knob along with the usual other stalks. The centre console is wide and comes in a wooden finish which oozes of classiness.

You get circular AC vents and there are 3 of them in the centre. Just above the AC vents is the 7-inch screen for the infotainment system. It is not a touchscreen though and it is controlled using a circular knob placed lower down the console. The COMAND infotainment system feels a tad inferior to what competition offers. However, there are no other complaints on the interior front. The seats, door pads, armrest, etc. are made up of top-notch materials. The front seats are good on comfort and they feel like a very comfortable place to be in.

The seats offer excellent support and there is a plethora of adjustment options too. The front seats get electronic adjustment with memory function, even lumbar support is electronically adjusted. The rear seats, too, are very generous in terms of space and comfort. Seat cushioning is good while legroom and headroom are very good too. The rear AC vents eat up some legroom of the middle passenger but the side footwells are pretty wide and the GLC still feels the most generous in space as compared to its immediate rivals. The spare wheel eats up a considerable amount of the 550-litre boot which expands to more than 1600-litres with the rear seats folded down.To know more information on Mercedes Benz GLC Class check Seepennywork

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Engine

With regards to the engines on offer, GLC has one petrol and diesel. To everyone’s surprise, the petrol is more powerful than the diesel. Petrol engine at 245bhp has that extra punch that makes it amazing to drive when you wish to unwind yourself. The petrol motor is rev happy and has a linear increase in its power. Despite being a 2.0-litre engine, it has a lot of torque and smooth acceleration. The diesel on the other hand is torquey and you do feel the difference when the turbo kicks in. The driving experience in the GLC is smooth and comfortable in the comfort mode, while in the Eco mode overtaking means changing of modes.

In Sport the transmission gets more responsive however a bit jerky if you make those sudden acceleration moves. With the Sport+, the story continues as well. The response is much better in the Sport and then the Sport+ modes. the ride of the GLC is smooth, however it does get a bit unsettled on bad roads. The handling of the GLC is good enough. you might feel that there is some amount of body roll around bends, however this is due to the light steering wheel that doesn’t feel very lively. When you start to push it around around, it does a good job. The GLC comes with 4MATIC, and this ensures you do not loose any grip on most of the occasions.

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Driving

The GLC is suspended by independent multi-link suspension all-round and it sits on steel springs. Mercedes has tuned the suspension on the softer side so low-speed ride is really good with the GLC being absorbent over biggest of potholes. The odd sharp edged bump does catch it out though as the suspension runs out of travel. At higher speeds there is a fair bit of up and down motion especially at the rear but it never gets to the point of being unbearable. Apply car loan for Mercedes Benz GLC Class at Fincarz.

Thanks to the fluid action of the quick steering the GLC glides through the bends and apart from body roll in tighter bends it displays safe and predictable manners. It feels best when you encounter fast sweeping bends where the accurate steering and exceptional grip from the 235 section Pirelli rubber gives you loads of confidence. Sure it’s not as fun as the BMW X3 but on its own the GLC is not too bad. The GLC also comes with three rough road modes (Slippery, Incline and Off-Road). We didn’t get the time to really try these on our brief drive but going by our experience the GLC will be best suited for the occasional mild off-roading considering its clearance and road-oriented design and tyres.

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Safety

Mercedes-Benz has a very widespread sales and service network across the country and their service levels are also excellent. The GLC is loaded to the brim with equipment like Traction Control, ESP, Brake Assist, Crosswind Assist, Headlamp Assist and Attention Assist. You also get the usual ABS with EBD and plenty of airbags for the driver and passengers, total 7 in number.

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Price in Bangalore

Mercedes Benz GLC On Road Price is 61,26,455/- and Ex-showroom Price is 48,10,302/- in Bangalore. Mercedes Benz GLC comes in 6 colours, namely Iridium Silver,Diamond White Bright,Hyacinth Red Metallic,Obsidian Black,Citrine Brown,Designo Hyacinth Red. Mercedes Benz GLC comes with AWD with 2143 CC Displacement and 4 Cylinders with Maximum Power 170 bhp@3000-4200 rpm and Peak Torque 400 Nm@1400-2800 rpm DRIVE TRAIN AWD and reaches 100 KMPH at 8.3 seconds . Mercedes Benz GLC comes with Automatic Transmission with AWD .

Mercedes Benz GLC Class Verdict

We expect the GLC to cost around Rs 50-55 lakh which should put it at par with the competition. For this money you get an SUV which has exceptional interiors, good space, decently powerful engine options, a comfortable ride and a very attractive exterior. Sure it could have done with more powerful motors and the handling could have been more engaging but as a package the GLC really works and it surely feels modern and more premium than its contemporaries.