Mercedes Benz GLA Class Review & test Drive

Mercedes Benz GLA Class

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Overview

The Mercedes-Benz GLA was launched for the 2014 model year as the company’s smallest crossover to date. Sharing the same platform with the A-Class, B-Class, and the CLA four-door coupe, it’s the SUV equivalent of the A-Class hatchback, which is why it’s wearing the “GLA” badge. Designed to compete with the BMW X1 and Audi Q3, which were launched earlier on the market, the GLA slots below the GLC in the lineup. Powered by four-cylinder engines exclusively, the crossover is available with both gasoline and diesel powerplants in Europe. In the U.S., however, only a gasoline mill is offered, alongside the beefed-up AMG version. The GLA received its mid-cycle update for the 2018 model year at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. Check for HDFC car laon.

Not surprisingly, the facelift is rather mild inside and out. Minor nips and tucks do little to change the vehicle’s overall appearance, while the cabin boasts new trim, upgraded technology, and some new features. Drivetrain-wise, the GLA carries over unchanged, which is a bit disappointing with a more powerful BMW X1 in showrooms. Of course, crossovers need to check more important boxes, and the GLA does that with the revised model, but will it be enough to give the X1 and Q3 a run for their money?

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Look

Now the looks of a car are extremely important in the Indian context. While the GLA was already seen in pictures, it was only at the last Auto-Expo that we got to see it in flesh and blood, and we can safely say that it was the star attraction at the Mercedes stall.Compact, car like dimensions, plenty of dynamic character lines, accentuated wheel arches and that high India specific stance make it quite a looker. If you have only seen it in pictures, you might find the car a size smaller in metal compared to the pictures.

In the front, you get a large twin-slatted grille with the familiar look bi-xenon headlights. The chunky front bumper has a matte cladding at the bottom which goes around the entire car just like in the Cross Polo and the Etios Cross which gives it that beefy SUV look.The GLA definitely has the ground clearance but it does not have the tall proportions of a regular SUV which makes it look like a proper cross-over that it is. A low roof line, masculine design and those big 18-inch tyres make it quite a stunner. In fact all the cars from the MFA family have inherited good looks and the GLA is no different.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Comfort

Stepping into the GLA will remind you immediately of the A and the B-Class. Being from the same family, the GLA boasts the same interiors with some minor changes.The cabin feels quite roomy and this also thanks to the Panoramic glass roof which further accentuates the roomy feeling. The dashboard is a blend of black and a carbon-fibre finish which looks quite sporty and feels well made too.

The air-con vents sport a bezel finish which is unique to the GLA and they look great. The only thing that looks a little out of place on the dash is the infotainment screen which feels like its jutting out of nowhere. Popping out from a flush fitting space and a slightly larger screen would have made it much better. The aircon again misses out on climate control despite the GLA being an otherwise very well equipped car.

Getting the right driving position is easy with the electrically adjustable drivers seat with memory and its just as easy for the co-passenger too with the seats getting the same features as the driver.At the rear, the GLA may not be the most spacious car but its not cramped either and long drives pose no problems as long as there are just 2 passengers at the back. The boot has a good 421 litres of luggage space however, part of that space is partly swallowed by the space-saver just like in the A and B-Class. Still there is plenty of space for those weekend trips or more and the easy loading area is a plus as well. For more info on Mercedes Benz GLA Class  check Bigintmedia

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Gearbox

For the Indian market the GLA gets 2 engine options. The GLA 200 which is a 1991 cc turbo-petrol unit pushing out a good 181 PS and the GLA 200 CDI which gets a 2143 cc diesel unit which pumps out a smallish 134 PS. The surprising bit is that both the petrol and the diesel unit put down an identical 300 Nm of torque.

We got in the petrol variant first. Its a refined motor and loves to be revved. Putting the car in manual mode and working the 7-speed dual clutch gearbox with those lovely paddles behind the wheel reaps greater rewards and the bonus is a delightful exhaust note from those twin pipes at the back. In regular Eco mode though, the gearbox can be a little slow to respond. Getting in the diesel immediately, you feel a slight buzz through the pedals immediately telling you about the oil burner in front.

With just 134 PS to play with the diesel is more for the average commuter than the enthusiast. Since the torque in the diesel is available much lower in the power-band, the diesel engine has slightly better drivabilty because of which it is easier to coast in higher gears however, when outright performance is called for the diesel motor feels a little lacking. The diesel does promise efficiency though and with the company claiming over 17 kmpl, it does promise to be the most fuel efficient SUV amongst its rivals. A roadtest will determine exact numbers soon.

For the wealthy and the power hungry,Mercedes-Benz told us about the arrival of the GLA 45 AMG next month which with its powerful four-cylinder turbocharged engine will blow most sportscars out of the water.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Riding

The Indian variant comes with increased ground clearance and rightly so. All throughout our journey the GLA sailed over the worst roads and the biggest speed breakers without any problems. Ride quality is quite supple over most surfaces however sharp bumps tend to upset it and this was experienced more so in the diesel variant. The heavier diesel engine could mean a slightly different suspension setting and we think this might be the cause of the diesel variant feeling stiffer. The GLA comes with 18-inch wheels with a 50 profile tyre. We feel a 17-inch rim with a slightly higher profile could have definitely added more cushion to the ride quality.Book Mercedes Benz GLA Class Test Drive.

Handling was quite predictable and the GLA went around corners quite happily. The increased ground clearance means there is some roll, but its always controlled. Front wheel drive meant the GLA does understeer when pushed hard, but with 235 section tyres you really have to drive like a hooligan to reach the tyres limits.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Safety

Mercedes Benz GLA Class has a strong safety system with the presence of adaptive brake lights flashing, attention assist, LED headlamps, hill start assist and many other features. Mercedes Benz GLA Class comes with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) as well that reduces the chances to over steer and over turn.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Price in Hyderabad

Mercedes Benz Gla Class On-Road Price in Hyderabad ranges from 39,16,036 to 46,72,357 for variants GLA Class 200 d Style and GLA Class 220 d 4MATIC respectively. Mercedes Benz Gla Class is available in 4 variants and 4 colours. Below are details of Mercedes Benz Gla Class variants price in Hyderabad. Check for GLA price in Hyderabad at Autozhop.

Mercedes Benz GLA Class Bottomline

It’s not at all surprising that this facelift left the GLA mostly unchanged, but it’s a bit disappointing to see that Mercedes didn’t upgrade the engines or the suspension. More importantly, it seems that the Germans didn’t even bother to fix the noisy diesel drivetrains or do something about the crossover’s lifeless handling most customers have been complaining about in the past. Coupled with the fact that the GLA falls behind its competitors when it comes to interior space and trunk capacity, and Merc’s high-rolling A-Class isn’t very appealing compared to the BMW X1 and Audi Q3. On the flipside, the nice interior and the fancy options make it a classy proposition in this small niche.