Volvo XC60 Performance & First Drive

Volvo XC60 Overview

Volvo Cars has just the launched the much awaited New XC60 today. The newly launched model is priced at Rs 55.9 Lakhs (ex-showroom price). The previous XC60 contributed to 30% of the company’s sales in India and it seems Volvo will not want to loose out on the momentum. The vehicle has been built on an all new platform and at the moment this new SUV will be a complete body unit (CBU) import.Volvo will not get into local assembly of the XC60 as there is still some more time for the brand to settle down in its production of the XC90. The company was the first one to launch a plug-in hybrid luxury 7-seater SUV in India, which has been doing fabulous. The 60 series starts for dynamic and sporty appeal, while the 90 is for luxury and 40 is for trendy. The strongest aspect about this new SUV is its list of brownies it packs in, vis-a-vis price considering this is a CBU. Request a test drive for Volvo Xc60 in Tryaldrive

Volvo XC60 Style

But first, let’s take some time to admire the finer details. This Volvo no longer has the pointy nose of the previous generation. Instead, it gets the new-age Volvo grill which is flanked by sleek headlamps featuring the ‘Thor’s Hammer’ LED DRLs, which extends right till the grille itself. A new touch here is that the bumper features sharper creases towards the end, which add some drama to the front profile. The cornering fog lamps are neatly tucked under the lower lip. This combined with the active bending headlights light up corners while turning at night. Move to the side a bit and you realise that while the new design is sharper, it’s still the subtlety of the XC60 that makes it look beautiful. The window line now kinks up at the back, making way for a more angular C-pillar. But the body crease still flows straight and goes right into the taillamps. Viewed from the side, the best features though are the 19-inch 10-spoke wheels with their low-ish profile 235/55 size tyres. The tyres used in the XC60 are made by Michelin especially for Volvo, with the addition of a grippier compound to make the car accelerate faster and stop in a lower distance.

Get behind the SUV and the vertically oriented taillamps take you back to the older generation. But, this time around, the units flow into the boot gate. These feature an LED border which adds quite a modern touch. But still, the rear looks typically Volvo — simple, sober and a tad boring. Also, the new XC60 is 44mm longer, 11mm wider and 14mm shorter than the last gen, giving it a squatter stance. This helps the front of the car make a strong impression and gives this SUV an impressive presence. But, as you move to the back, it starts to fade away, just a bit.

Volvo XC60 Space

Step into the Volvo and you could believe this is something from the space age. Even the Tesla has a similar styling pattern though. There is a large touchscreen system with all the controls for music and even air-cons. The touch and response of the system is as good as an iPad. The music system output is through 15-speakers of Bower and Wilkins. The music quality of these speakers is fantastic. Minimal buttons to operate makes things easy. This feels like a cockpit of an airport that has got all touch controls. All the dials have the texture that appears to be chiselled. You do not press the start stop button, you rotate it. The interiors do make you feel special every time you step inside. The Volvo XC60’s exterior styling and interiors do make you like it every time you step into it. The wood inserts on the dash and the ceramic finish on the sliding tambour made me fall in love with it. The cabin felt it was designed by someone from Armani. Everything had a character and essence to it. This was joyful and pleasing too.

In the cabin the seats offer good support. For your back, for your lumbar, thighs and even side. This is a comfortable vehicle, and there is ventilated seats for the front and rear gets only heated seats. Rear passengers have AC vents, there is also a touchscreen for controlling AC blower speed and rear seat heating too. The rear seats are lower than the front, which will reduce the side movement on winding roads. The boot can also easily gobble luggage for an entire weekend. There is also the panoramic sunroof, which is a good addition.

Volvo XC60 Performance

Propelling this luxury SUV is the same 1969cc, 4-cylinder, diesel engine which is tuned to produce 235 horses and a massive 480 Nm of twist which is 10 HP and 60 Nm more than the XC90!. Paired to an 8-speed gearbox, the engine is gets a bit vocal when you fire up the car but settles down nicely. At low RPMs, there’s hardly any engine noise inside the cabin but you can hear a thrum as the revs increase which isn’t very bothersome. While driving in the city, the XC60 feels very eager and responsive and the gearbox has a tendency to upshift quickly.As you get going on the highways, the XC60 surprises you with its grunty performance. It never really feels short on power and torque and performance is very tractable.The low-end and mid-range have enough juice and the engine feels comfortable doing speeds well above the ton too. 100 km/hr comes up in 4th gear at 3500 RPM and if you’re cruising, you can do the same speed in 8th gear at 1500 RPM. 0-100 km/hr comes up in a claimed 7.2 seconds while top speed is 220 km/hr.

The 8-speed gearbox works well when you’re driving sedately but if you stomp the throttle, it is hard to not notice the small delay it takes to downshift and gather pace. The gearbox misses put on a Sport mode though you do get a manual mode and also paddle-shifters. For driving modes, you get Eco, City and Dynamic which alter steering and suspension characteristics along with engine response. While we couldn’t really test the fuel efficiency, you can expect around 12 km/l in a mixed driving cycle.

Volvo XC60 Rideing

The XC60’s air suspension is an absolute delight. In Dynamic mode, it stiffens up and the car remains very stable at high speeds. On broken roads though, this setting lets you feel the unevenness of the road surface in the cabin. But, in the city, switch to Comfort and the the ride becomes plush. The SUV starts to glide over broken roads or speed breakers. This does make the ride a little bouncy. There’s not much vertical movement in the body, but a bit of side to side movement over potholes is felt.

Out on the highways, it’s better to stay put in Dynamic mode, or at least that setting of the suspension as it restricts body roll and keeps the SUV planted to the ground. Off-road mode lifts the car up by 50mm to help it tackle obstacles. The max clearance of the XC60 is rated at 223mm, which is impressive, but even with AWD, our little experience says it’s better suited for tarmac. The steering feels quite light in the city, especially in the Comfort mode, but gains weight proportionally as the speeds increase. Feedback from the tyres is not all that great but given that it is a luxury SUV, we have no real complaints here. There’s also strong but predictable stopping power available with the 100-0kmph panic brake test executed in 38.02 metres.

Volvo XC60 Safety

Safety features like multiple airbags, ABS, Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Collision Warning, Pilot Assist, Blind Spot Information with Steer Assist and Cross Traffic Alert (BLIS), iTPMS, Traction Control, Hill Hold, etc are present on this SUV. Volvo’s network in India isn’t as wide-spread as its German rivals but the company is slowly and steadily working its way up there and increasing their reach across the country.

Volvo XC60 Cost in Hyderabad

Volvo Xc60 Ex-Showroom Price in Hyderabad ranges from 50,60,000/- (XC60 Inscription) to 50,60,000/- (XC60 Inscription). Get best offers for Volvo Xc60 from Volvo Dealers in Hyderabad. Check for Volvo XC60 price in Hyderabad at Carzprice

Volvo XC60 Conclusion

The 2017 Volvo XC60 is quite a competent luxury SUV. It’s premium, properly comfortable for four people, and is loaded to the gills with safety systems that can keep you in check when you aren’t paying attention to the road. The cabin’s noise insulation and seat comfort are commendable. Its high tech air suspension is extremely capable and can alter the ride experience depending on what you want the car to do.