Maruti Suzuki Celerio Performance & First Drive

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Overview

The Celerio has officially replaced the A-Star in India and the company claims that with this new car, it offers more than the usual needs of customers. It is the first car to feature an AMT – automated manual shift transmission. Maruti Suzuki Celerio comes with the same powertrain as seen on the A-Star, Estilo and Wagon R Stingray. However, the engine has been tuned to deliver better performance and greater mileage.The Celerio is already getting close to 10,000 bookings per day and from the rising trend it is evident that the Celerio will be another success story for the company. We take it for a quick spin and find more information in our first impression report.The new compact car Maruti Suzuki Celerio follows Maruti Suzuki’s modus operandi of making cars that are reliable and practical, compact yet roomy. Maruti Suzuki has also kept the design of this car safe and clean so that it doesn’t raise any eyebrows. View offers on Maruti Cars from Maruti dealers in Hyderabad  at Autozhop

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Maruti Suzuki Celerio Exterior

The latest product from Maruti is in a completely different territory as compared to its predecessors A-star and Estilo. Based on the A-Wind concept, which was displayed at the Thailand Motor Show, the hatch gets an eye-catching design. Overall, the Celerio has a tall boy design, which helps in easy ingress and egress.The front of the car is dressed up with flowing back-shaped headlamp cluster, a large headlight unit with separate barrels for the parking light. The headlights come up with good luminance. The larger air dam with horizontal bars merges with the grill. The curvy front facade flaunts two chrome strips running along the grill decently.

One thing’s for sure, it’s clearly a Maruti; or should we say a Suzuki. Designed in Japan to appeal to a wide global audience, this clean but safe design is unlikely to polarise opinion. An updated version of the Suzuki grille and the wraparound headlights are clearly attractive, and the tall bumper adds some character as well; but otherwise the design seems quite plain. Still, on the whole, the Celerio’s inoffensive styling should find favour among all types of buyers in the small car segment.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Interior

What new owners will also take kindly to is the cabin, which scores really well on roominess. The Celerio is a fairly tall hatchback and Suzuki engineers have used vertical space well to maximise head and legroom. The single-piece front seats offer far more support than their slender frame would have you expect; so clearly progress has been made in making these slim line seats comfy. There’s more space at the rear than you’d expect as well, the Celerio feels as roomy in the back as the Brio. The seat is pretty comfortable, with good support for your back. But thigh support is poor and the rear seat base is a tad shorter than we’d have liked. The small, fixed headrests could also be ineffective in preventing whiplash injuries (the type incurred when your neck is snapped back) in the event of a collision. Also, the cabin isn’t very wide, so seating three in the back will prove to be quite a squeeze. It’s no Indica Vista, that’s for sure.

The design of the dashboard conforms to Maruti’s template and hence is well laid-out and functional. There’s a U-shaped centre console that houses the audio system and air-con controls, while the gear lever comes positioned high up too (ala the Maruti Ritz and Hyundai i10) making it easy to reach. The black plastics on the dashboard top also contrast well with the beige ones used elsewhere in the cabin. But it must be said, overall fit and finish is still not as good as it could have been; we expected a bit more. There is, however, a fair amount of space for small items in the cabin. You get two cupholders up front, a bottleholder each on the rear doors and another recess to hold a bottle behind the handbrake. The glovebox though is not too large. Boot space, at 235-litres, is decent but the high loading lip could be a bother. All but the base LXi variant get a 60:40 split rear seats that folds forward, should the need to carry more luggage arise.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Performance

We had taken a test drive of Manual transmission version. Driving the car is as good as driving the earlier version A star. However, one can feel the smooth performance of the new engine and comfortable driving position. Visibility is good and somehow the side pillars looks a bit big while gazing at the corners.A smooth pick up is achieved and gear shifting is smooth too. Seating position for rear seat passengers is comfortable with considerable leg space and just good enough head room. As always, the co driver seat is best for stretching legs and comfort. We did not have opportunity to drive the auto gear shift version and hence can’t mention much about it.

Maruti has really done a good job here. There’s decent power at low engine speeds, the motor is responsive and the engine’s quiet enough till 3000rpm too. Some of the credit for this also goes to the noise absorbing insulation on the firewall between the engine and passenger compartment. Like all of Suzuki’s K-series engines, the K10B likes to be revved, but this considerably increases the noise levels. The engine sounds increasingly thrashy when you approach its 6100rpm rev limiter, most noticeable when you drive it with a heavy right foot. Performance is better than expected. We did a quick test and were surprised; 0-100kph for the manual comes up in 14.9 seconds, which is up there in comparison to cars in its class. The Celerio also debuts Suzuki’s new five-speed gearbox that is 3.5kg lighter than the one on the Alto K10 and Wagon R. Gearshifts are positive and an improvement over the older gearbox, but the lever still needs some bit of extra effort to slot in. It’s not as light to use as an i10. Also, the three-cylinder engine tends to get into an area of stall at low engine speeds, so you do need to slip the clutch at times and use a bit of throttle when starting out.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Driving

The Maruti Suzuki Celerio has only one engine option – a 998 cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine that puts out a modest power of 67 bhp. The power output might sound underwhelming but it is more than sufficient for city commutes and daily drives, essentially the type of driving that this car is designed for. Maruti Suzuki has taken the old K10 engine out of the Alto and made a whole bunch of modifications to it. The resultant of all that work is the K10B engine and it is a significant improvement over its predecessor. This engine has good power and is reasonably silent at the lower end of the rev range, but at higher revs, it does get rather loud. The aspect of the car with the highest amount of hype surrounding it is the new 5-speed automated manual transmission, which Maruti Suzuki refers to as “EZ Drive.” This gearbox can be thought of as a regular automatic gearbox, in the sense that there is no clutch pedal and the selector lever looks very similar to a conventional automatic transmission; however, it differs because it uses electronically-controlled hydraulic actuators to shift up and down through gears. This provides for effortless driving and no matter how jammed up the roads are, you can navigate through them like a breeze.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Safety

The hatch comes clubbed with the EZ Drive in it, which makes driving the vehicle easy. The EZ technology in the car assures a ride that is hassle free, especially while riding in heavy traffic conditions. The braking system comprises of front and rear drum brakes, which enables immediate braking action. Maruti Celerio is much more safer than the existing A-Star, as the car is bigger in size. The tall boy design gives high driving position, which helps in better upright view of the road. The electronic power steering helps in easy manoeuvering of the vehicle with shorter turning radius. High strength steel side impact beams ensure protection at the doors in case of any side impact. The top-of-the=-line variant boosts dual airbags – one for the driver and the other for the co-passenger.

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Price in Mumbai

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai ranges from 4,21,128/- (Celerio LXI) to 5,43,336/- (Celerio ZXI AMT Optional). Get best offers for Maruti Suzuki Celerio from Maruti Suzuki Dealers in Mumbai. Check for Celerio price in Mumbai at Carzprice

Maruti Suzuki Celerio Conclusion

Celerio as a latest car from Maruti Suzuki serves well as a replacement for Astar. The introduction of Auto gear shift with which the same manual transmission is used with mechanism for automatic shifting of gears is a boosting factor for new customers. We shall soon take a long drive of the same and provide a review on it.One more important point worth mentioned is the new prices as per latest budget announced. There is a considerable drop in prices of existing models and new cars on offer give customers plenty of options. Its recommendable to test drive Celerio to experience the newness.Maruti Celerio is a welcome break from the mundane and offers a very practical automatic gear-shifting option in the budget segment. It isn’t an automatic in the true sense but offers similar levels of convenience.